The creators of Aftersocks

We are Monika Trojanowska & Joel Bijlmer, the founders of Aftersocks. Like most good stories, ours started after a wild night out.

After leaving the club Monika’s feet were hurting and she wanted to take off her high-heels.
Of course, this was not something new.. Unfortunately, this time Joel had just twisted his back in the gym and could not offer a back-ride to the taxi this time.
On the streets of Miami you never know what’s on the ground, so Joel didn’t want Monika to take off her high-heels and walk bare-foot.
Neither did she have any backup shoes, cause she only had a small purse with her.

How did we get home?
Well.. painful.. so we needed a solution!

Guess what? The next day we started thinking of a product that we could develop to solve this well known problem.
We figured out that it had to be Useful, Portable and Stylish at the same time.

After 9 months of developing, going back and forth with different solutions and designs, we finally created Aftersocks.

“Save your feet after a night out” Take off your heels, slip on Aftersocks.

Much love, Monika & Joel

Recap Aftersock facts:

  • Launch august 2019 - 4892 pre-orders
  • More than 25.000 pair of Aftersocks sold during the launch
  • Viral press from over 100+ news outlets
  • Customers in over 75 countries worldwide!

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